Specialist & professional staff

We have a state-of-the-art recruitment toolbox incorporating international best-practice methodologies, which are tailored to our client’s specifi c needs. Although it is important to ensure the perfect competency fi t, it is equally important to match a candidate to the client’s culture and value system. Aptus utilises an array of methods to successfully fi nd the correct candidate for any position; from the most junior position to senior executive level.

Staffing Services

Recruitment (Local/Global)

Our company has access to numerous networks, both structured and informal, from which candidates for specialised positions can be sourced. We pride ourselves in sourcing individuals who will not only be experts in their specific roles, but who will add great value to your business as a whole. Our innovative approach to selection ensures that you enjoy the benefit of selecting from a small but well-fitted shortlist of some of the best professionals your industry has to offer.

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Competency/Risk Assessments

An Employee Risk Assessment can be performed by Aptus based on the unique client requirements. Aptus has access to a wide range of validations such as criminal records, credit verification, qualification verification, etc. Any validation is done within a strict process ensuring that the rights of the individual are recognised and protected. Before any check is performed the employee or candidate needs to provide an explicit authorisation to this effect.

Response Handling

The Aptus response handling service provides you with all the necessary support, especially when you are launching a major, high volume recruitment advertising campaign or when you are looking to recruit many staff to fill various positions. In both these case, because the volume of responses can overwhelm you HR department, it is essential that you have all the resources to help you handle the response. In most cases and in these economic times, adverts such as these can elicit hundreds and even thousands of responses, all of which need to be received, sorted and handled correctly to find the right candidates for the advertised positions. Having the time and the resources to process responses to job adverts can be a luxury that you just don't have.We will work with you to manage your recruitment campaign on the basis of a structured project. We will tailor a solution based on your specific needs and those areas that will benefit you the most.